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Ted 2

Ted 2Ted 2 is, as could be guessed, the sequel to the first comedy film Ted which was released in 2012. Ted 2 was written by Wellesley Wild, Seth Macfarlane, and Alec Sulkin, and the movie was directed by Macfarlane. Universal Pictures has scheduled the release of the movie for June 26th, 2015. Macfarlane has been talking about the possibility of a sequel as early as 2012, and in fact Steve Burke the chief executive wanted the movie made and released ASAP. October 2nd, 2013, was when the release date for Ted 2 was officially announced. 

The stars of Ted 2 include Seth Macfarlane as Ted, Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Leslie Jackson, Richard Schiff as Steve, Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn McCafferty, Patrick Warburton as Guy, Michael Dorn as Rick, Giovanni Ribisi as Donny, Sam J. Jones as himself, Ron Canada as The Judge, Tom Brady as himself, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert, Curtis Stigers, Liam Neeson, John Slattery, Philip Casnoff, David Hasselhoff, and Nana Visitor. 

ted2-the-movieIn the sequel to Ted, Ted 2, Ted is moving forward with his life and marrying Tami-Lynn. The two decide they would like to have a family and John, Ted’s best friend, agrees to act as the sperm donor. Soon Ted is met with adversity as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts demand Ted prove he is an actual person by coming before a judge. Together Ted and John must fight for Ted’s civil rights because without winning their case Ted may not be able to have the family he and his wife want. 

There has been a lot of discussion and rumors going on about Amanda Seyfried replacing Mila Kunis as John’s girlfriend/future wife. Mila Kunis is likely to appear very briefly in the film, if at all. Many fans were rather surprised to hear of this news and many have been wondering where that leaves the sequel. At the end of the first Ted John got his life together and married Lori (played by Mila Kunis) and there is still some mystery as to what specific role Amanda Seyfried will play and what has happened between John and Lori. Wahlberg admitted that his character John has not yet settle down and that Ted will now have to compete somewhat for John’s attention now that there is a new woman on the scene. This is not the focal point of the plot, however. It appears Amanda Seyfried will be portraying Samantha Jackson, Ted’s lawyer. 

As the movie has not yet been released there are no viewer responses. Rotten Tomatoes, does, however, have a 96% rating of people who want/plan to see Ted 2, so thus far the movie is being anticipated with a high level of excitement. Of course, there are some fans of Ted who are concerned that the sequel could ruin the franchise, and others who simply aren’t into the kind of lewd humor which Ted supplied and Ted 2 is bound to continue. If you liked Ted, however, give Ted 2 a chance because by this point it seems relatively full of potential and promise. Find out how you can watch this and other movies online with Charter Spectrum Internet.

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